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My goal is to provide a multifaceted and holistic approach to therapy.  By applying knowledge about nutrition, our environment, movement patterns, and lifestyle choices, I can assist in reducing injuries and adverse health events that could lead to future physical impairments.

Based in Florida serving the greater Duval and Saint Johns area.

Patient with Healthcare Nurse

Concierge Health Care 


HolBody Therapy

Since I met my wife, she has gradually shifted my views into taking  a holistic approach to health and life  in general. Although exercise is important, there are many other components that will truly impact our health outcomes. The way we move, the way we eat, sleep cycles, mental stressors, and environmental exposures all greatly affect our health.  From topics ranging from essential oils and meditation, to  EMF dangers and breath-work, I focus on all topics that effect our overall mental and physical state. 

                  My Client Base


Geriatrics - With multiple years of geriatric experience from home health and outpatient positions, I truly appreciate getting to work with my elders. Whether it is your father or mother that you would like to set up with an exercise plan or wanting to learn more about your overall physical health, I am thrilled to help out in any way I can.

Businesses/ At home offices- A majority of the population has been shifting to at home workspaces and I am equipped with 7 years of experience of knowing which postures can negatively effect long term muscular health. I will come to your office or business and can make ergonomic recommendations.

General Population - I will work with all ages interested in private wellness services, such as annual movement physicals ,  establishment of general wellness plans and Dry Needling ( beginning April 2022), 


Prevent Future Injuries Or Chronic Health Conditions

Since 2014, I have noticed that many of my patient's or client's injuries and physical limitations could have been prevented if certain physical deficits were addressed earlier in life.  Throughout our lifespan, our bodies are required to adapt to different environmental and physical stressors. From stay -at home moms, to office workers, all of our jobs and lives demand various movements.  My goal is to focus on improving my client's life. My plan is to address physical impairments that may be holding them back from their full potential, as well as other factors that may be causing limitations, such as food choices and environmental factors,  to allow for improvements in all aspects of life .

Services Offered 

Other Services Offered 

  • TeleHealth Consults

  • TeleHealth Follow Ups 

  • Virtual Excercise Classes

  • Geriatric Companion Walks 

Contact me for the next step or any questions 

General Wellness/Exercise Sessions

Developing plans to help improve health quality

Client's can set up weekly exercise sessions in which they complete a one on one exercise session with a team member in the comfort of their own home.  30 minute or 45 minute sessions are available based on the client's need.

Dry Needling

Holistic approach to managing muscle pain 

I am currently undergoing training in integrative dry needling for trigger point release. This is considered a great alternative to muscle relaxers and NSAIDs that help manage chronic pain. 

Comprehensive Wellness Exam

Correcting/Examining movement specifically required for your lifestyle

A full examination assessing rest and exercise vitals, digitized postural analysis , movement pattern screening, endurance testing , balance and flexibility testing .  These assessments can provide a baseline level of client's current physical status and limitations and can provide a means to annually track physical abilities and discover any weakness that may later lead to injuries. 

Nutrition Consulting

Soon to have a holistic nutrition certificate, I will be able to analyze your current diet, recommend and give sample meal plans to help improve your overall health status. This could  help to reduce many of the  physical and inflammatory  issues that arise due to the current state and quality of our food  today.


Patients Speak Their Mind

I am so pleased to be able to write an amazing review for Dr. Salinas. I had an accident while on vacation in Florida that required surgery and follow-on Physical Therapy. For most people, this is a disaster of a situation. Dr. Salinas made this situation immediately better with his PT knowledge and supportive communications in the weeks that followed. He is very thorough and genuinely cares about his patients. With his assistance, I made tremendous progress. I would highly recommend Dr. Salinas for anyone requiring Physical Therapy!

Bill Voros

Andrew is by far most polite,courteous and genuinely cares for my dad who was his patient. Every aspect of andrews treatment was the reason my father returned to being able to walk again after his bought with covid. Andrew personally cares and it shows every second he is with his patients!

Tommy Z 

I have been seeing Dr. Salinas after a long illness. He has helped me rebuild my strength and stamina through exercise and walking. He sends you information to extend explanations he has provided. He has a rare gift of being able to communicate in language that a patient will understand and be able to utilize in their wellness and healing program. I highly recommend him! I am 150% satisfied with the work we have done together. He is highly professional and stays updated on what is happening with you at other relevant appointments. I trust his instruction and advises.


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