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Comprehensive Annual Wellness Assessment

This examination is intended to help to take the HOLBODY approach and analyze multiple components of your life that affect your health . This is a great way to track changes in your lifestyle over the year or years and a great resource to refer back to help improve your overall health.

Nutritional Analysis

This component will include a comprehensive breakdown of current foods being eaten, how they could affect your body, and suggestions of meal ideas that could help improve your overall health status.

Postural Analysis

This component will include a breakdown of your current posture profile using Posture Screening Software. This analysis will be  charted and broken down for you in your evaluation report

Movement Pattern Screening

This component will help to analyze  how your complete basic activities important for every day function such as squating, lunging, or reaching modified for each client

Environmental Analysis

This components of the evaluation will examine your environment using a basic EMF reader as it is known that increased electromagnetic frequency from  our cell phones and wifi in the home can cause many issues ranges from anxiety, muscle soreness, and even headaches based on published studies

Balance Analysis

This portion of the examination will utilize one of several standardized balance tests  based on your age or physical ability to help determine your level of balance and possible risk of fall or injury from sport


Each Evaluation lasts approximately 60 minutes . They will include a printout of your results and recommendations

Annual Examination with no follow up -$250

Annual Exam with 6 month follow up - $400

Annual Examination with 3 and 6 month follow up -$600

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